A gym isn’t just a place for exercise; it’s the place you go to unwind, socialize and work out. The gym is a whole experience. Some of the most successful facilities have several gym features that contribute to the kind of member experience that drives retention and sales.

1. High-Quality Exercise Equipment – anyone serious about working out at a gym can tell you that it’s essential to have good quality weights, bars, machines, and other equipment when training. Having strong, reliable, and comfortable equipment will make a workout more effective, less time consuming, and offer an enjoyable experience to keep gymgoers coming back for more. Its best to go with reliable commercial brands that can accommodate many users and wont break down.

2. Variety of Training Equipment Options – In terms of fitness and training, everyone is unique. Some gymgoers are new to the gym while others are experienced. Some may stick to cardio exercise while others will gravitate towards weights and functional fitness style training. The best bet for any fitness center is to offer something for everyone. The most successful gyms have a cardio area, free weights, weight machines (if space allows), functional training areas and accompanying accessories.

3. Well-Designed Space and Facility – The space and standard of the facility are an integral part of a fitness center. The design of a gym will impact the atmosphere and how members feel when they work out. Its best to consult with companies that offer this service and know how to create the best fitness center possible with the available space. From lighting, to flooring and equipment layout, they can advise how to lay the entire room out and give tips on what the best compliments to your fitness amenity will be.

5. Interactive Fitness  – Technology is ever changing and in the world of fitness equipment that holds true. During the pandemic the fitness industry saw a huge boost in interactive fitness equipment. This equipment remains a popular choice for gymgoers and something they will gravitate to if available. Equipment from brands such as Peloton, Hydrow, Aviron, Echelon and more are still high demand items in many commercial gym settings.

6. Cleanliness and Maintenance – All areas of the facility and equipment should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Equipment should be cleaned and disinfected between use and all high touchpoints need to be considered. Things such as disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, electrostatic sprayers and air purification systems were extremely popular during the pandemic but still must haves for all commercial fitness spaces. Equipment should also be routinely maintenance by a service team to keep it in the best working shape possible. Gymgoers don’t want to go to a gym and use equipment that isn’t working correctly or constantly out of service.

Overall, your gym features are what can set you apart from the competition. When you can create a consistent and unique fitness experience with the right atmosphere and environment, you can build a loyal following.