Behavioral psychology indicates that colors impact our moods and attitudes, affecting both body and mind, so choosing the appropriate colors for your gym or fitness center should involve careful thought.

Here are our Top 6 best color combinations to consider for your gym:

Red – action color – bold, vigorous and stimulating. It actually raises blood pressure and stimulates appetite, stamina, and strength.

Yellow – happy, joyous, uplifting color to boost your workout routine stimulate as well as creates mindfulness and clear thinking

Blue – Small doses of pale or light blue and navy blue, teamed with orange, yellow or white, can slow down breathing and blood pressure

Green – color of fresh promise, growth, and renewal. It is also the color of restful reflection. Green revives, but it also soothes.

Purple – Purple and its many shades add a hint of regality to a space and also induce a state of restfulness.

Neutrals – include shades of brown, gray, white, beige, and black. These can be used standalone or to tone down other bright shades, acting like ‘peacemakers’ in the process.