There are a lot of great pieces of fitness equipment that you might consider when planning your commercial gym. When you don’t have the right equipment members want, they will start looking for other fitness centers that do have it.

Here are our recommendations on the TOP 10 pieces of fitness equipment we think every commercial gym needs –

  1. Treadmills
  2. Ellipticals
  3. Stationary Bikes
  4. Rowing Machines
  5. Selectorized Weight Machines & Racks
  6. Dumbbells, Barbells & Kettlebells
  7. Benches
  8. Suspension Trainers
  9. Cable Machines
  10. Stairclimbers

Of course the right fitness equipment for your gym will depend on the goals and needs of your gym members. Are they primarily focused on cardio or functional training?  Are you catering to athletes or general fitness enthusiast?

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the space available in your gym and the budget you have to work with. This will obviously greatly factor into your equipment selection.

Finally you also will want to consider the brand name and reputation of the manufacture, as well as any warranties or support & maintenance services offered.

At Pacific Fitness Products, we are the masters on fitness trends and fitness equipment. When you work with us you’ll get expert  recommendations as well as the best brands in the industry. We also offer a full service department to maintain your investment and keep your members happy!