Cultivating a healthy relationship with fitness for personal well-being is vital for every individual and more so with students:

1) Reduces Risk of an Ailment
If students have access to a fitness center within their school, they are more likely to make fitness a priority and stay healthy. When their immune systems become strong, it will also ensure that they will be less likely to catch an ailment or virus such as a cold.

2) Relieves Stress & Fatigue
With academic and societal pressures it comes as no surprise that students undergo a lot of stress. Prolonged stress may give rise to multiple health issues such as heart problems, depression, cognitive impairments, stomach ulcers, and migraine to name a few. This research states that regular exercise can drastically cut down on stress.

3) Improves Focus & Attention
There has been enough scientific evidence to prove that exercising improves blood flow and makes your brain work better. In a study, students exercised on stationary bikes and treadmills for 20 minutes. Teachers not only noted an improvement in their focus but also observed that the students’ ability to participate in discussions and retain information had significantly improved.

4) Offers a Chance to form New Friendships
Having a fitness center within the school will allow students to interact with other students who share similar fitness goals and build camaraderie. They are more likely to form new friendships that open up ways for motivation and support when they need it the most.


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