Many fitness facilities want to offer an outside workout zone to their members.

Perhaps a year-round outdoor workout space isn’t feasible for your facility. Or, your fitness equipment cannot be exposed to the weather, outside or are just too large and impractical to move.

Our solution is to make sure to have portable fitness pieces on hand that can be moved outdoors (and back indoors) with ease. Luckily, we offer many pieces of equipment that are completely portable.

Here are a few of our favorite brands that offer this flexibility:

Escape Fitness – offers a few options such as Corebags, Multiplyo boxes, Kettlebells, the TIYR, gym balls, power bands and much more…  all are easy to move and offer a great head-to-toe workout.

Assault Fitness – the AirBike is easy to move on wheels and requires no power.

Prism Fitness – offers the Smart Cart Training system which offers jump ropes, medicine balls, hurdles, sleeved tubing all on wheels.

Torque Fitness – the Tank is a sled on wheels which means it can be used anywhere, on any surface! Load it up with bumper plates and battle ropes and the workout will be killer.

TRX Training – the TRX suspension straps are easy to set up just about anywhere for an effective workout.

BeaverFit North America – offers outdoor storage as well as equipment that can withstand the elements.

This is just a small sample of all the portable fitness equipment we can offer your facility!
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