tessera at orenco

This is the first BeaverFit install in the greater Portland area.

Tessera at Orenco Station

The management team at Tessera at Orenco Station in Hillsboro, Oregon wanted to separate their property from others in the area by providing an outdoor fitness space for their residents. The Oregon team at Pacific Fitness Products had the right solution that fit the needs of the property and offers their residents a true year-round solution to their fitness needs.

Outdoor fitness spaces have been gaining popularity since the pandemic and still a favorite amenity for residents. This particular outdoor space on the Tessera property was unused and the property management team wanted unique fitness equipment other properties in the area don’t offer.

The equipment installed included The Abs Company Tire Flip, Assault Fitness cardio equipment and a BeaverFit Outdoor Integrated Training + Storage Center.

This new fitness space redefines the concept of open-air wellness, providing residents with a unique space achieve their fitness goals.

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